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Learning for social impact: What foundations can do

As we detail in our report, we believe that a few significant trends shaping the sector will drive the future of social impact assessment: An influx of new talent from fields like technology and venture capital, where measuring results is expected; the demand from social investors to see credible metrics of impact before accepting below-market rates on their capital; and the U.S. government’s push for innovative solutions to social problems from nonprofits that can demonstrate results.

Foundations are at the center of driving impact in the social sector, and can and should play an integral role in the future of assessment. We urge foundations to:

  • define best practices for working with grantees on assessment;
  • agree on a limited number of common metrics;
  • and build a system to share assessment learning.

A learning driven approach to assessment, based on core beliefs we have developed should be at the core of a new push for social sector effectiveness.

Download the full report (PDF–2.3MB) 


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